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A Letter to Canadian Foreign Affair Minister

Iranian Muslim Center in Exile - Canada

9251Yonge ST #219

Richmond Hill, ON

L4C 9T3

Tel: (416) 410-8309



April 11, 2001


Mr. John Manley

Canada Foreign Affair Minister

Parliament Hill Ottawa, ON K1A 0G2

Fax (613) 992-7559


Dear Mr. Manely


On behalf of the Iranian Muslim Center in Exile of Canada, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the latest mass arrest of Iranian activists called "Melli-Mazhabi" (Nationalist-Religious) On Sun. April 8, 2001 in Tehran, Iran.

As you may be aware, forty people were arrested by the illegal order of a so-called revolutionary court. They are accused of conspiracy to overthrow the Islamic State, which carries a punishment of the death penalty. Also, three weeks ago,

 thirty "Melli-Mazhabi" were arrested in a house where they were gathered peacefully. The detainees are under pressure to confess to crimes they have not committed. They are denied access to attorneys and are not allowed to talk to their families.

 The crackdown on student movements, shutting down so many newspapers keeping journalists and activists in secret detentions have been increased in recent days. Meanwhile, Mr."khamenei" the top ruling clergy is supporting violence against reformists in his speeches. In this situation, although President Khatami seems to suffer, his silence is questionable.


Please bring this matter to your attention that Canada's active role for the release of those detainees will not be ignored by the government of Iran because they need Canada's diplomatic and economical ties. Canada's support for democracy in Iran will have a positive impact on the Iranian political cycle. The hard liners in Iran cannot accuse the detainees of serving an anti-Islamic country contrary to the U.S. government. Thus, Canada should take a more active role in Iran by putting more pressure on the government of Iran to stop systematic human rights abuses against their people in the name of God.


It seems a humanitarian obligation for everybody to help Iranians to build a new era.  When the dictators close the doors, then people will look to find other ways to fight to get their rights back. We request you to use your influence on the ruling Iranian mullahs to release all the consciousness prisoners and "Melli-Mazhabi' detainees immediately.

Late action or ignoring the situation by Canada and Europe will encourage the government of Iran to continue suppressions and limitations.


We are anxiously waiting for urgent actions by the Canadian government, as a known democratic country to release of all prisoners of conscious and the latest detainees from secret detention centers.



Yours truly



CC:  Mr. Day, Alliance Party

         Mrs. A. Mcdonaugh, N.D.P.

         Toronto Star

         The Globe and Mail

          National Post

          Iranian Community Publications

          Maurice Copithorne, Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran

          Mary Robinson, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights

          Pen Canada

          Amnesty International


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